We use surveys to collect consumer’s perceived satisfaction or otherwise with a product or service, and to understand stakeholders’ interest (or lack thereof) and advise on critical business decisions. Our dynamic survey method helps to develop tailormade sequential mixed tools design. This proprietary platform, normally designed only for a client, combines qualitative and quantitative data collection instruments. Our tools are mobile and urls friendly, and password protected, which makes it difficult for biases in research. The tools are created such that it is easy to decide on research goals​, create a list of questions​, invite participants, collate responses​ and analyses the data​.  Our surveys are designed to give a simple, but comprehensive analysis of the survey need.

Our planning process is water tight and ensures that there is little or no hitches​, and we also ensure that our data are cleaned and translation and actionable conclusion are provided. Our customer surveys provide resourceful analysis and shows consumer behavior, market demography and their affinity with regards to cultural determinant.

We have conducted customer and market surveys for a host of clients, including:

  • Amazon Energy
  • AOS Orwell
  • Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria
  • And a host of others across critical sectors of the Nigerian economy.

The surveys were helpful in identifying current brand position and determine new road-map and grow/sustain brand value​.