We offer bespoke intelligence solutions which shows how the market is looking like based on policy, competition and changing consumer trends, and what the political climate is affecting businesses and the actions to scale or consolidate under the emerging context​. We use data to clarify possible strategy, predict trends as well as communication and strategy intervention options.​

Our proprietary digital tools (Precise Tracker and Trendteon) and strategies are used to get firms and industries business data for the evaluation of business goals and customer behaviour and which help to address issues such as poor performance management or loss of clients, improve business operations, make future predictions and adapt strategies to fit observed trends.

The gathered market and industry data are analytically and efficiently designed such that technical information and key market determinants are presented with clear data interpretation that shows new insights, negative market indices or opportunity spotting. Our intelligence & analytics offering helps organizations to make more data-driven decisions. The new insights can be used for improving products and services, achieving better operational efficiency, and fostering customer relationships. The intelligence gathering also gives understanding of the stakeholder’s landscape of any business and policy priorities in the relationship matrix that shape communications and stakeholder engagement and fosters business growth and consolidation.

Working with Clients on Critical Intelligence Needs

We are at present rendering periodic Intelligence Services for OCP Africa, the Moroccan Fertilizer Company​. The nature of our services to them include:

  • Policy Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence: Consumer and Business Cluster Studies, Consumer Trend Studies, Competitor Intelligence, Stakeholder Intelligence
  • Governance and the political landscape.

At MOMAN group, we have provided intelligence behind the numbers for policy intervention on the following:

  • Petroleum downstream deregulation and subsidy removal​
  • Articulation of market position on price cap and Subsidy Removal​
  • The breaking down of critical stakeholders for policy success.