In this post digital age, where virtually everything that is happening in the real world is being replicated on cyber-space, digital platforms are spreading across the globe with so much coming out of Africa.

Ever since the advent of the internet and computer –mediated communication, which first came in form of messaging and collaboration via e-mail, the world has become a small place with ideas being traded across geographic borders.

However, with the emergence of Social Networks new dynamics were added to communication on the cyberspace. Today, most Social Network sites support the maintenance of pre-existing relationships, but others help strangers connect based on shared interests, political views, or activities. Some sites cater to diverse audiences, while others attract people based on common language or shared racial, sexual, religious, or nationality-based identities. Sites also vary in the extent to which they incorporate new information and communication tools, such as mobile connectivity, blogging, photo/video-sharing, social commerce and payment solutions.

When these developments are bundled with the changing dynamics of the traditional media that is already in transition and reacting to changes happening under the post digital order in order to guarantee its survival through creating platform agnostic possibilities and availing on-demand news customized and personalized to the audiences with short attention span while understanding the need to lead on critical developments instead of rebasing what is already trending on social media; we see clearly that the consumer is overloaded with information flying at the speed of light, while businesses are also struggling to figure out the new consumer and gathering information which helps them thrive under this context.

At Precisepoint, because our strategy is to be where the conversations are happening, we take a through the line approach to mining information and converting them to useable data by businesses. So whether we are helping a client understand reactions to market developments or analyzing likely consequences of a new government policy – one thing is clear – we seek to understand current context, the changing dynamics informing the context and how to build sustainable value working through a maze of options.


Welcome to Precisepoint, the base for business information and communication data, analytics, analysis and advisory.


Bespoke intelligence for business success.

  • The need to avail data on Policy, Market and Consumer trends
  • The need to show linkages between critical Intelligence and business strategy
  • The need to organize day-to-day disparate information coming through from the media and other sources for predictive analysis on policy, market and consumer trends
  • Introducing the portal and the products to Nigerian businesses.


Sourcing Information

We exist to create better understanding of the business stakeholder environment while bridging the business information and communication to business strategy gap.

  • Most businesses communicate and lead thought in the external environment but are unable to obtain critical intelligence to shape Thought Leadership and help critical business actions.
  • Most businesses obtain information from different sources and plan communication on unrelated platforms.
  • Most businesses do not have the right coverage of their stakeholder universe and so cannot understand the changes within their stakeholder universe

Inventing Solutions

  • Giving access to on the minute intelligence on Policy, Market and Consumer trends
  • Harmonizing information and communication platforms creating a seamless flow for information, communication, feedback and competitive intelligence.
  • Properly align Stakeholder universe and obtain on-the-minute intelligence with the stakeholder universe
  • Ease and facilitate the decision process and speed-up market reaction


What Businesses Currently Do

  • Businesses already tap into the power of the Media
  • Businesses already get some form of Media reports showing how they are doing and benchmarking that with peers.

What Businesses Are Not Doing?

  • They are not converting the information coming through to create models which speak to their business strategy
  • So, businesses only speak to the media, they are not using the media to process policy, competition and consumer information

What We Offer

  • Realtime analysis bundled with analytics
  • Useable Advisory on the impact of politics, policy, move of the competitor and changing consumer trends on your business


Information as a strategic Business Asset

Information is the currency of business. The better access businesses have to the right kind of information on critical developments within their stakeholder environment, the better they are able to plan, adapt and reinvent their delivery to suit changing demands.

  • From the traditional Bank that needs to know what payment solution providers and Fintechs are doing
  • To the Manufacturing concern that needs to have a predictive hold on government’s policies
  • To the Agriculture player that needs to understand the current play of aggrotech players; their impact on his sector and the possibility for co-petition and collaboration
  • To the Insurance company that needs to know about developments within the consumer and retail space and how that affects micro-insurance
  • To the Telecoms players that needs to better understand its market, its consumers, as well as understand the direction for partnership with original equipment manufacturers from networks to devices, while having a better grip on horizontal and vertical integration challenges.

We help avail information that informs the routes to addressing these challenges while benchmarking our solutions with that of the industry or in most cases, helping our client take different tangent through the power of superior information based on data and analytics.


Become the go-to Practice in Nigeria and beyond, at the cutting edge of the Post-Digital Age:

  • Delivering on-demand Business Information from disparate sources
  • Understanding business stakeholder universe and speaking to developments within the target stakeholder universe
  • Developing bespoke advisory based on observed patterns and counselling businesses on the operations, policy, market and industry as well as their consumer environment.

Bundling Intelligence with Strategic Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

There is a need to raise strategic intelligence and allow that shape communications, stakeholder engagement and business strategy.

We offer bespoke intelligence solutions which tells you the following:

  • Market: What your market is looking like based on policy, competition and changing consumer trends.
  • Context: We tell you how the political climate is affecting your business and what you need to do to scale or consolidate under the emerging context
  • Data And Trends: We use data to predict trends and help clarify your possible strategy, communication and strategy intervention options.

Our Target

  • Organizations searching for Customer Insights
  • Organizations looking to track their performance in the public space
  • Organizations interested in upgrading their policy and government relations
  • Organizations looking to raise their performance in the media
  • Organizations looking to raise their brand and investment performance

Our Focus Sectors

  • Telecom/Tech
  • Retail/Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate
  • Finance/Economy
  • Government/Policy
  • Media